Commencements and Events

Ceremony Photos can handle your photography needs for commencement and campus recognition events. Our service will include photographing each person participating in your ceremony multiple times, overview photography of venue staging, ceremony processional, event speakers, and a host of other PR images.

Before the event

Prior to your event Ceremony Photos will work with our campus partners to plan how our photography will be a part of your ceremony. These planning sessions can take place by any combination of email, phone, video conference, or campus and venue visits.

Day of the ceremony

The team of photographers from Ceremony Photos will arrive for setup hours before the ceremony begins. The early arrival allows us to photograph the staging before participants and guests arrive. During the ceremony we will capture each person crossing the stage receiving recognition, plus an additional portrait after exiting the stage. PR photos throughout will be taken of the processional, podium speakers, awards recipients, honorary degrees, and any special requests by the school.

After the event for students

Following the event Ceremony Photos will name and image match the participants. With our lab partner we will provide a personal gallery for each person and their families to view their photographs before ordering. Emails will be sent to each identified participant with a direct link to their portrait gallery, these galleries are available 24/7 for viewing and ordering. All orders placed will be fulfilled and shipped directly to the purchaser within a week of ordering.

After the event for schools

The week following your ceremony a link to an online gallery of PR and special photographs will will be sent. These images can be downloaded and used by the school for social media accounts, promotional purposes, or be printed as gifts for speakers and special honorees.

And we will value your feedback. We will email or call to follow up on how we did, and then look ahead to the future ceremonies.